What we do

RER Construction Inc’s Criteria for getting involved in any project generally starts with a minimum of 4,500 and up to 40,000 Square feet of a wood-framed building. Either all wood framed or structural steel Glu-Lam combination with wood stud infill. We do not erect Structural steel packages but work with Steel contractors to assure our wood products and connections work fluidly with other trades.

We are a Turnkey Commercial Wood Framing Contractor: Providing Turnkey for the following: Exterior / Interior wood wall framing – Exterior wall sheathing (Gyp-board, OSB, CDX and Zip Wall Systems)

Exterior Wall Vapor Barrier Systems (Tyvek – Home wrap and Commercial Wrap.)

Wood Roof Framing Systems (Conventional rafter and Wood Trusses for Floors and Roof with Engineered with shop Drawings provided – Roof decking with OSB or CDX decking.

Glu-Lam Structural Roof Systems with Steel wood to wood connections with a variety of Tongue and Groove Decking (Solid or Laminated) Pre-finished or Un-finished with Engineered Shop Drawings provided.

Fascia, Soffit, and Siding, with Either Wood or Cement Board – Soffits Vented or Non-Vented – Also we provide Color-plus Pre-Finished fascia and soffit systems from Hardie Board manufacturer.

Exterior Windows and Doors furnished by General Contractor – Labor to Receive and Install on site.

Simpson Hardware systems – furnish and install per plan.

RER Construction furnishes all of its own Heavy Equipment – i.e. (Forklifts, Scissor lifts, Cranes, etc.)

RER Construction serves the DFW Metro-Plex – From Cleburne to McKinney and Weatherford to Garland.